Welcome to Colortexbd

Colortex is a brand name in Bangladesh for more than last two decades. It carries values in polished organizational structure, mission oriented task, work progress with specific goal, ethical business, committed service support and persuasion of a noble cause. Primarily it started it’s journey solely in the sector of color related technology, providing the optimum solution. But over the years, ColorTex has expanded it’s dynamism in different other sectors, nurtured it’s offspring into strong organ and established it’s name in the concerned arena. How an organization can flourish with it’s honesty and dedication, gradually attains it’s growth and finally lands up as an exemplary entity, ColorTex is the reference.

ColorTex has multifarious sister concerns in different sectors which ranges from apparel factory upto trading. Beside the strong initial reputation, ColorTex has strengthened it’s name through the decade long laborious effort, reaching the end users with positive approach and building system oriented customer support . currently ColorTex has as many as six sister concerns employing around 635 personnel and earning handsome amount of revenue for the organization.